Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Love Unexpected Ch. 17

Love On The Mountain

Wednesday’s cuddling in the staff showers only seemed to inspire Dylan’s determination to find him and Jake some privacy. He didn’t want to drive up into the hills to one of the well-known teen make-out spots, but if a better place didn’t offer itself soon he would have to resort to that. Getting a hotel seemed almost as tawdry, and besides, the cost would be prohibitive due to the season and proximity to the northern county’s theme parks. Their houses were out of the question because someone was always home at either place. No, he and Jake needed a new idea and they needed it now.

He was even more certain when Jake met him for work on Thursday morning with a copy of his college health portfolio. He had been tested at the beginning of his freshman year, again in November and in late February, and all three tests were clean.

“I’ll get another one at the clinic on Friday if you want me to,” Jake said shyly.

Dylan kissed his forehead. “I don’t need it, Jake. I trust you.” What went without saying was that nobody as timid about sex as Jake was could possibly have enough experience to get an STD. He was eager to prove his own truthfulness and have done with it just in case. “That’s what love is about- trust. I’ll find mine tonight and show it to you in the morning.”

Jake snuggled into his body. “You are so good to me. How can I not love you?”

“That’s just it, you can’t. The same way you’re it for me. Face it. We’re made to be together.”

Dylan’s family had company over on Thursday night for dinner, and he was unable to spend time with Jake after day camp. The company turned out to be family so he didn’t see what the big deal was, but he kept his feelings to himself. Not only that, but the guests were his uncles, Christopher and Bruce, whom he was eager to introduce to Jake.

“How are you and Jake doing?” Uncle Chris asked as they sat on the patio watching Bruce and Mr. Moore banter over the proper way to grill chicken in a decade-long, lighthearted battle of wills. “Have you… uh, done anything about that problem you came to us about?”

“A little,” Dylan answered, popping the top on a Coke. “We’re good, mostly. It’s just…” He moved closer to Chris so nobody could overhear him. “We can’t seem to get any privacy. Jake has issues about—well, being together… you know, at home and here. Even with Mom and Dad sort of guessing and giving consent, it makes him uncomfortable.”

“Respectful,” Chris noted with a nod. “I like that. He sounds like a good kid.”

“Yeah he is, but what do we do? We love each other, and we want to be together. We’ll probably share an apartment when we return to school, but that’s over a month away.”

A sudden look of inspiration brightened Christopher’s face. “Or, you could use the cabin.”

Bruce and Christopher owned a rustic cabin for weekend getaways up near Big Bear Lake, a mountain community just under a hundred miles from Aleppo Park. In the winters it made an inviting place easily accessible to ski the nearby resorts, and during the summers they could escape the coastal crowds and haze for a quieter locale. It would be perfect for the boys.

Dylan looked incredulous. “You would really do that for us? Let us stay there over the weekend?”

“If it’s alright with your parents and Jake’s family,” Chris assured him with a hearty laugh. “We have to go to Palm Springs on Saturday, so if it isn’t too short of notice, this weekend would work out for us too. We made a shopping run last time we stayed so there’s also plenty of food.”

Dylan didn’t waste time and obtaining immediate consent from his parents presented no trouble. Unfortunately, the same couldn’t be said for Jake. Leaving on Friday was out of the question because it was Avery’s birthday, and Jake refused to ask for it free due to how much his aunt and uncle meant to him. However, departing on Saturday was a solution if Dylan didn’t mind. Mind? Spending an entire night with his Jake? It was a dream come true.

Jake’s heart was in his throat when he went to Aunt Pat for permission later that night. Avery was in the garage, and Marcus was out on a date with Erin.

“Um… Dylan asked if we can go up to his uncles’ cabin in the mountains on Saturday and spend the night.”

Patricia looked up from the magazine she was reading, doing her best to hide a grin.

The truth was, she was surprised that Jake had to ask. At his age, she and her boyfriends were busy like bunnies any time they could find a secret place to sneak away to, including each other’s homes when the parents were gone. Of course, having George for a father probably meant he took nothing for granted in the permission department, but Jake and Dylan deserved some privacy.

“That’s fine,” Pat answered with a sly wink that told him she was in on the reason for the request, and he blushed. “How long are you staying?”

Jake shrugged. “Dylan and I have to start our last session of day camp on Monday, so we’ll probably get back mid-afternoon or early evening the day before.”

“It sounds good to me as long as Dylan can go.” She couldn’t help but tease, “Are you sure a measly twenty-four or so hours at Big Bear is worth it, Jacobaby?”

“Yes,” he gulped, feeling unusually defensive, especially because he could see she was about to give in to the giggles. Who cared if it was only one night? The boys were so horny they would’ve settled for an afternoon.

Aunt Pat laughed at his petulance. She had an aunt-like desire to make gentle fun of him, and Jake hastily beat a retreat to call Dylan and give him the good news.

Early Saturday found then on the road with their gear packed and mapped directions and the keys to the bungalow in hand. Mr. and Mrs. Moore and Aunt Pat had warned about driving safely on narrow, curvy mountain roads and taking it slow. The weather forecast was for incoming thunderstorms that evening, and Pat had muttered a reminder that nights were cooler at higher elevations.

“But you’ll have each other to keep you warm, so I guess we shouldn’t worry.”

“For the love of God, parents!” Dylan shook his head with a chuckle as they pulled away from the Walkers.

Jake leaned over the console and kissed his cheek. “Yeah, but they did say we could go, and I’m pretty sure they know what we’ll be doing this weekend. At least we have their blessing.”

Dylan threw him a swift glance smoldering with desire. “I can’t wait to get you alone up there.”

Jake put his hand on his boyfriend’s thigh and shuddered in anticipation. “Me either.”

For the uninitiated like Dylan and Jake, it was a rather convoluted map getting them off the usual north-south corridor of I-5 they were used to and directing them east on the 91 towards Redlands, but thankfully it wasn’t a work day so the trip was cut by a good hour. Once they left the freeway and began climbing the windy roads into the San Bernardino Mountains, they truly felt as if they were on an adventure. The sky was such a deep blue edged by white, towering clouds, they could smell the pine trees and even the heat felt different.

The cabin was pretty as a picture, looking like the proverbial log cabin with gingerbread trim. It was tucked into the steep terrain up a set of roads that were more like trails across the lake from the small village known as Big Bear City. Many people lived in the area full-time, and Jake and Dylan could see why. It was such a lovely place, peaceful and remote, but the uncles’ cabin was definitely better-suited for weekend trips.

Made out of chinked rough-hewn logs with the requisite wide porch and a large fireplace made of quarried gray rock, it had a bedroom and small bath on the first floor and two loft bedrooms and bath on the second. The living room was all paneled walls, early Americana furniture and two wide leather couches heaped with crocheted afghans. The glossy pinewood staircase and front porch sported carved, varnished spindles to hold up the balusters. The eat-in kitchen wasn’t sleek by any means; it looked more like something you’d find in a late-1950’s home but with newer appliances and a grainy formica table and colorful but unmatched retro vinyl chairs with padded backs. A rear door led to a walkway separating the stoop from a small refurbished garage.

There wasn’t much for Jake and Dylan to do to get the cabin ready except turn off the alarm system. The electricity was already on to keep the refrigerator cold, wood was stacked by the back door and on the hearth and it was only a matter of selecting which room they wanted to sleep in. The upstairs furniture in each bedroom consisted of a dresser, nightstand and twin beds, and the one downstairs was only a double—and Jake felt funny using it because it was Bruce and Christopher’s room. The boys decided to bring blankets into the living room and sleep in front of the fireplace. Not that they planned to light a fire because, no matter how romantic, it was summer after all. They would get sweaty enough on their own.

It was 11:30, their backpacks were still sitting by the front door and the boys looked across the way at each other, breathing shallowly with longing in their eyes. Before their departure that morning, Bruce had given them several tongue in cheek options for entertainment once they arrived. Big Bear City, across the way by a concrete bridge transecting the narrower southeast end of the lake, had an abundance of touristy shops that sold all kinds of items, or they could try to find a parking place near the rocks out near China Island to swim. The shore around the lake was a beautiful drive.

But that wasn’t why they were there. Dylan had a fire in his gut he was trying to tamp down, and Jake was pale but dogged not to mess this up. The dilemma was how to switch from the mundane to the erotic without it being awkward.

“Why don’t we make lunch,” Dylan suggested kindly, seeing how nervous Jake was, how unusually edgy he seemed to be himself. “Uncle Chris said there’s bread and mayonnaise in the fridge.” His uncles had suggested that they bring up fresh produce and sandwich fixings since those kinds of foods didn’t keep well from one week to the next.

A stack of roast beef sandwiches, Dr. Peppers and a big bag of Fritos later, the boys’ epicurean appetites were sated. They cleaned up the mess and washed dishes side by side, but the tension in the cabin was palpable. Dylan knew Jake’s anxiety was spiking again, and he was determined not to rush him.

But Jake astonished him by grabbing him by the hand after the last clean dish was set in the dish drainer to dry. He drew him into the cozy living room and stripped off his own t-shirt. Slowly he began to unbutton the placket on Dylan’s polo. The blonde boy held still, almost afraid to breathe in case he ruined the mood. Jake taking the initiative was quite a surprise.

Jake leaned into Dylan and captured his soft lips with his own. He opened, letting Jake’s tongue slip into the damp warmth of his mouth where they intertwined playfully and their panting turned harsh from lack of air. Dylan’s tongue pushed back, and he drew his arm around Jake’s shoulders to capture him firmly in place as he slid closer, skin to skin.

Dylan loved touching Jake. The lithe frame, the softness of his skin, it was an honor to run his hands over him. Jake’s flanks were especially sensitive, not ticklish, but a hot spot for him that made him shiver and goose bumps break out across his torso. Holding him gently, he would leisurely slide down the supple oblique and lateral muscles until his thumbs rested in the deep V groove at his hips. To Jake, they seemed to leave a trail of glowing embers in their wake, making his skin burn and tingle, and he couldn’t help but groan.

Jake’s call was the sweetest music in Dylan’s ears, and the kiss released with a sigh. Dylan felt himself being pressed down to the floor in front of the massive fireplace by his boyfriend whose green eyes seemed lust-lit from within. Jake knelt next to him, his eyes sweeping him from the top of his head to his knees, and Dylan’s mouth watered in excitement.

“Finally, we’re alone,” Jake whispered. “I’ve been looking forward to this.” The growing bulge in his shorts gave proof to it.

“I need you too,” Dylan replied, reaching up for Jake and taking his hand, his cock hardening in expectation.

Jake swept his hand through the long, pale bangs almost covering his eyes and crawled closer on his knees. Hip lips found Dylan’s and began smooth little pecks over them, his fingers idly tracing neck and shoulders. Dylan thrust his tongue into Jake’s mouth, exploring and sampling his sweetness. Bodies flush and hips grinding, groaning through their kiss as mouths fastened in a delirious dance. They could both feel what passion for the other was doing to them and it carried them along.

Jake’s abdomen fluttered, signaling a tightening that would eventually lead to exquisite bliss, but he didn’t want to do it this way. They had all the privacy they needed now, and he wanted deeper meaning and to make this last longer between them. He needed to touch Dylan, every inch of him, to taste him. Just as much, he hoped that by the time they left he would know what it all felt like himself.

Blindly he felt for the closure on Dylan’s shorts and opened them up. He edged around the waistband, pushing it over the silky skin of his hips until weight and momentum dropped them to the floor. Jake heard Dylan’s breath hitch as he stretched between their bodies and brushed his fingers over the velvety steel of his hardness. His cock was so warm! Lower he traveled, touching the softness of the vulnerable sac and rolling his balls under his fingers. An explosive moan erupted from Dylan’s lips, and it made Jake grin through the kiss, knowing he had the means to please and tease his man.

In this he knew exactly what to do, just follow what he enjoyed when he was alone and jacked himself off. Tenderly grasping the shaft again, Jake marveled at the give of the loose skin that moved with his fingers. A sense of power sliced through him, of wanting to feel Dylan up until he made him cum. He could feel his boyfriend’s heart beating a mile a minute through the cock in his hand, the precum trickling over the head, and he let it coat his fingers.

Grasping the foreskin he began to pump slowly, his pinky finger occasionally skimming over his balls, the thumb circling the head and dipping into the slit, liberating more of his essence until it flowed freely from Dylan’s cock. It was almost as if he was in a dream, and he felt caught up in the euphoria, feeding on the groans issuing from his lover’s mouth.

Dylan could barely believe what was happening. His shy little boyfriend had his hand on his cock, his precum-lubricated fingers stroking him. Oh, god, it felt beyond enjoyable. It was magnificent, and he couldn’t help arching his back.

“Harder,” he husked, the fluttery strokes tantalizing but not enough to get him off. He rolled his pelvis, chasing the orgasm that was just beyond his reach. Jake was surprisingly adept at handjobs.

Jake wrapped his hand more firmly around Dylan’s erection, pumping in earnest. He could hear him breathing shallowly, and it was so arousing to Jake himself. He allowed himself to look into Dylan’s face and saw flaring nostrils as he forced breath into his lungs and the blown pupils of his unfocused, dark blue eyes. His mouth was slack with arousal, and the tendons in his neck went taut. Suddenly, he seemed to curl into himself. Jake felt his cock pulse, and with a hoarse cry of his name, cum spurted through the slit to cover them in silvery streams that diminished until the last one was just an ooze.

Guiding Dylan through such a forceful release was more than turning Jake on, it was…

“Dylan, touch me,” he screamed, loosening his own shorts as he felt his climax shimmering just out of his reach. Only a few strokes, that was all it would take. Just the fabric of his briefs sliding down…

But his man was there, his hand grasping Jake hard, sliding up and down on the smooth pole, twisting his wrist at the end to flick his thumb over the tip, and Jake was gone. “Dylan, oh Dylan.” It was a gasp of surprise and ecstasy.

Somehow he found himself lying in Dylan’s arms on the blankets next to the fireplace, and Dylan was smirking at him in glee. He was covered in semen from his thighs to his chest and soaked in sweat, his legs tangled in his shorts. He was so tired.

“You’re getting good at that.” Dylan touched his nose to Jake’s and held him tightly when at first the other boy gasped in embarrassment and then began to laugh weakly. He grabbed up his t-shirt to wipe themselves. Who would have known? Gently, their afterglows rocked them to sleep.

When they awoke, their cell phones said it was just after three p.m. but outside the cabin it looked much later. Dark clouds had gathered overhead, and in the distance they could hear the roll of thunder. A building wind whipped through the high pines with a mournful sound. Jake excitedly pulled Dylan up by his hands. They slipped into their shorts, and Jake snatched up a quilt to race out to the front porch where a slightly chipped wooden swing sat swaying in the wind. Jake swept blown leaves off the seat and dragged Dylan down with him.

“We used to have a lot of thunderstorms like this in Madera,” he stated enthusiastically. “The weather and change of seasons is about the only thing I really liked living up there. You could tell when winter was coming. Sometimes it was nice.”

“Do you miss living there?” Dylan asked, a bit apprehensive of his possible answer. “I mean, if your father would leave you alone would you go back?”

“No,” Jake answered, his face suddenly illuminated by a flash of lightning. “It was never my home, just a stopping place.” He looked at Dylan, all seriousness. “If I was in Madera, I never would have met you. You’re too good to miss.”

Dylan smiled to himself and turned his head away so Jake wouldn’t see the tear that escaped from his eye. “Yeah,” he agreed softly, “I wouldn’t have wanted to miss you either.” Jake understood the rapid change of mood and rested his head on Dylan’s shoulder. Cuddled under the blanket and shielded by the deep porch roof that protected them from the elements, the boys rocked and silently watched the storm approach in all its fury and majesty.

With the drastic change of weather, the expected evening temperature dropped fifteen degrees in a matter of minutes. Dylan decided to light a fire while Jake figured out how to work the oven. Not feeling up to preparing anything more difficult for dinner, they decided on chicken nuggets and french fries. Along with a simple salad of greens, they ate in front of the fireplace and watched the storm roar around them outside. Under the deep cloud cover, it was nearly dark by 6:30.

There was no television in the cabin, and the boys set up Dylan’s iPod to play tunes while they ate. Jake was walking around looking at pictures on the walls and spied a glass-fronted cabinet with a wealth of board games in it. The settled for an hour of Yatzee and two of Clue before they tired of Professor Plum and Miss Scarlet’s penchant for murdering people in the billiard room. It wasn’t much fun with only two players anyway.

The night seemed to close in on them after that even though it wasn’t even ten o’clock yet. The fire popped next to them, throwing comforting shadows around the room, and Jake was amazed at how familiar it felt to just be with Dylan. No rushing off to work, and day camp and Coach Abel were long forgotten. The same for their friends. Jake didn’t even think about the beach once or wonder what the surf was like.

Dylan had just put another log on the fire, and Jake yawned. “Are you ready for bed, baby?”

Blushing, Jake nodded but couldn’t look at him. The trip so far had been wonderful, but it was like a curtain dropping around him that brought back his unexpected shyness. Realizing that Jake had already made some serious strides in relaxing around him, Dylan took control.

“I’m kind of tired. Let’s not worry about anything right now and just go to sleep. What do you say?”

It was all Jake could do not to shout out a relieved ‘thank you’, and he went to pee and brush his teeth while Dylan found them pillows. Jake was ready for bed first, and when he lay down, he threw off his briefs. Turning off the lights, Dylan smiled when he climbed between the blankets in the living room. Even in the dim glow of the fire he could tell Jake was naked, and he completely undressed too. They spooned together, Jake in front with Dylan’s arms around him securely, and fell asleep.


Jake was having another one of his superb sex dreams about Dylan. He was lying in the softest bed as sunlight tried to peek around shaded windows. He couldn’t feel the gentle breath on the nape of his neck that he’d been subconsciously aware of all night, nor the strong arm he’d held to his chest, their fingers clasped together. All he was tuned in to was a solid presence between his thighs and his hard shaft tenderly lodged in the vacuum of wet and warm with a snake twisting erotically round the head, teasing with languid licks that were making his hips rock.

“Feels good,” he muttered to himself, the pulling at his groin now strong enough to make his hips lift off the floor. His eyes flew open, realizing in amazement that this was no dream. He could feel damp hands on his thighs under the covers, long bangs falling coolly against his abdomen and the most intense delight of his cock being sucked.

“Oh Jesus, oh god,” he cried. Dylan certainly knew what he was doing, and Jake’s back bowed in pleasure as another bob sent him to the root of his dick. One more like that, and there would be no holding back. No, it was too late—he could feel his balls drawing upwards, preparing to send molten cum through his cock. He tried to prepare Dylan.

“I’m… I’m, oh my god!”

A choked whimper from deep down rose in pitch and volume until it became a hoarse scream, and his groin punched upwards spasmodically. Blindly he reached out towards Dylan and grabbed hold of his head in a death grip. Sweat poured off his body, and he felt the first of several emissions gush into the waiting mouth. His cock seemed to have a mind of its own, but Dylan was methodical in waiting out his climax and then cleaning him completely.

Minutes later, Dylan appeared out from under the blankets, a huge grin covering his face, his lips flecked with cum. “Good morning, baby, how did you sleep?”

Jake took him by the shoulders and brought Dylan’s beautiful mouth down in a kiss, perfectly aware that the slightly salty taste on his tongue was his own essence. “I slept good and woke up even better.”

He rolled Dylan over and trapped him beneath his own body. “And now I’m going to return the favor if you’ll let me.”

When Dylan acted like he was going to refuse, Jake began tickling him under his chin where he was most sensitive. Tickling led to running the backs of his fingers around Dylan’s ear and across his jaw. Planting small kisses followed in their wake until he reached the spot where Dylan’s neck turned into shoulder, and he sucked and nibbled at the skin until he had a rather prominent love bite.

“And now I want it to be my turn,” he insisted. His face clouded. “But I’m not sure I know how.”

Dylan fought back a smile over how cute Jake looked with his pout, not wanting to hurt his feelings. He was so turned on by his desire to please. “As long as you watch your teeth, anything is better than nothing at all.”

Jake settled himself between Dylan’s legs and stroked his cock which was only half hard but plumping up nicely in eagerness. A drop of precum bubbled up from the tip, and Jake stuck his tongue out to taste it. It had a slightly bitter tang to it but wasn’t unpleasant. He looked at the rosy head with its curved bell shape and remembered a few boys in the locker room talking about getting head from their girlfriends and the instructions they gave. He swiped his tongue against the springy head, around the back and heard Dylan moan.

Okay, more of that, since his boyfriend liked it so much. Jake put the entire head in his mouth and sucked it. “Damn, Jake, that feels good,” he heard Dylan praise him in a low voice. He felt his hips thrust slightly, as if he knew he had to hold back but couldn’t help himself.

Jake kept circling the cockhead with his tongue, then became more adventurous and licked it from top to bottom. His mouth began to leak saliva, but this was supposedly a good thing and helped made it slide better into his mouth. He finally decided to try bobbing up and down and made sure to keep his teeth tucked behind his lips. He didn’t want to hurt Dylan.

“Try taking only a few inches at first,” Dylan husked, his eyes closed in concentration. “Use your hand on the bottom.”

The first push down, Jake was a little too eager and Dylan’s dick hit the back of his throat, tickling his gag reflex. Well, it was more of a tickle. It made his eyes water, and he decided not to do that again. On the second try he took in half of his cock and it wasn’t as bad. His hand slid upwards with the foreskin, and he soon found a rhythm that worked.

Better than worked. Dylan was moaning beneath him and petting his curly hair, lightly thrusting so as not to gag him. Jake couldn’t understand one single word he was babbling except his name every so often, but it was clear he was enjoying the blowjob. Jake was enjoying it too. Giving such pleasure to the man he loved was the biggest turn-on for him. He was even starting to get hard again.

The time came when he sensed that Dylan was getting close to his release. The soft pats on his head switched to tugging on his hair, and he was panting harshly, practically gasping for breath. His skin was flushed and damp with sweat, and his head was thrashing on the pillow. A cadenced dance propelled his hips upwards into Jake’s mouth, but he was still mindful of him, and Jake loved him for it.

“Oh, fuck yeah… so good— gotta cum,” Dylan moaned, the first plain words for a long while. “Try… to… try…”

Jake felt Dylan’s cock minutely swell in his mouth, and he was enthralled by the sight of his boyfriend losing control as he thrashed on the quilt and fisted it in his hands, the muscles of his abdomen rippling beneath the skin and his lips moving silently as if in prayer. God, Dylan was so beautiful he was glowing.

Jake was quickly overwhelmed by a mouthful of warm cream with nowhere to go but down. Dylan had swallowed his, so he might as well. It wasn’t half bad, maybe a slightly acidic flavor like musky seawater. Some escaped his mouth and dribbled down the corner of his lips, but for the most part he got all of it.

Then he wanted to laugh in glee for bringing Dylan off and the accomplishment of his first blowjob with someone he cared about a great deal. Dylan kissed him hard, and they wrestled around like children but with occasional kisses and hugs, and they fell asleep for another half hour. When they woke the second time, the sun was high in the sky and the day was getting hot.

Breakfast and showers over, Jake and Dylan decided to drive into Big Bear City and look around before they began their trek home. They cleaned up after themselves and tidied the cabin, taking special care that the food was safely put away. They had used very little of their gear so repacking was easy. The driveway was a muddy slide after the storm, but Dylan managed to get them safely onto the street. Hand in hand, they strolled through the town, oblivious to the stares, some of them ugly. When they got hungry again, they shared a large pastrami sandwich that hit the spot. By 2:30 they were ready to go, and suddenly their weekend was over.

(To be continued...)


  1. that was so beautiful and sweet :) I'm glad they're taking their time and just enjoying each other. It's kinda sad they have to go home to brewing drama with Kelsey and Erin though Erin is unwittingly participating. smh

  2. Yeah I'm glad the boys finally had some time to themselves too. I love how sweet and considerate Dylan is. The love scene was written well and in perfect detail. Kudos to yah girl.

    Although everything's going great for the.boys I'm just waiting for the shit storm that Kelsy is going to bring. I hope whatever happens the boys come out of it ok. Also glad that Marcus has Erin now, even though Kelsy is working her. It has given the boys time together without Jake feeling guilty or Marcus getting pissed about not spending a lot of time together lately.

    Great chapter. Awesome treat for Halloween. Thanks:)
    Katie []

  3. Also Big Bear rocks. I miss going up there for littlr vacations as a kid. I grew up in Barstow(ugh!) on the other side of the mountain. Perfect place to pick for your story. Now I live in Oregon where it is like Big Bear all the time lol!

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    1. It actually belongs to the best friend of one of my sisters' and I've stayed there. It's gorgeous.