Monday, October 29, 2012

A Love Unexpected Ch. 16

The Ice-Capades and An Exit Of Sorts, Part 2

It really wasn’t so much that she missed her as it was that Kelsey was the closest to her in age and one of only three females holding their own against all that testosterone. Eleven days after the Fourth of July, and Erin had quite forgiven, and nearly forgotten, the nasty remarks Kelsey had made about Dylan being gay. And she was curious about why Kelsey didn’t go swimming like the rest of her brother’s friends.

Kelsey was happy to hear from Erin… until the girl mentioned that the crew had spent the day at the Moore’s pool without inviting her. Luckily they were communicating by text message or her roar of rage would have assaulted sensitive ears. As it was, Kelsey counted to ten while taking deep breaths before she responded to Erin’s question. At least it didn’t sound as if any one had shared with her about the whole silly, overblown escapade at the skating rink. And if they did later on? Well the idiom was true- nothing ventured, nothing gained. If fortune smiled on her, by the time anyone else knew what she was up to, Jake Nielsen’s hold on Dylan would be exposed for what it was, and they would welcome her as the intelligent one who hadn’t fallen for his antics in the first place.

“Where were U 2-day?” Erin continued her text message.

Kelsey: “With rents + h8 2 C Jake fool Dylan.”

At that point Erin got on her cell and worriedly asked, “What do you mean you hate to see Jake fool Dylan?”

Kelsey was quite skillful with the younger girl and spun a tale for her that would’ve made an excellent plot for a cheesy paperback mystery. She wove concern for both Dylan and Marcus into Jake’s ability to blindside all of their good friends with his so-far-unsubstantiated story of misfortune at the hands of his family from up north. Dylan was so enamored with him he’d swallowed it hook, line and sinker, and poor Marcus- his own cousin, how terrible for him once he learned that Jake was feeding them lies! Jake was poison to everyone they held dear, but going to either boy without proof of the subterfuge would bring nothing but trouble for the accuser.

“Unfortunately, Erin, I’m going to be busy with activities my mom and dad planned for the family that I can’t back out of. I have to stay home, so I won’t be around to hang with you all for a few weeks. If only there was some way to know for certain that what Jake says is true. You know, evidence.”

“What kind of evidence,” Erin asked doubtfully, falling right into the trap. If circumstances were as dire as Kelsey claimed, Dylan and Marcus would be no help at all.

“What we need is someone who knows Jake from after he left Aleppo Park.”

“How, Kelsey? What difference would that make?” But Erin had her answer before the words were even out of her mouth. Kelsey wanted her to spy and report back. There was some enigmatic piece to this proposition that smacked of disloyalty and deceit to her, and she didn’t mean Jake’s deceit. It felt so wrong to go behind her brother’s back sorting out fact from fiction like some kind of detective in a crime novel. Lisbeth Salander, Erin was not.

Kelsey already had a smooth answer planned for any objection. “Since I can’t be there to keep a close eye out on Jake, I need another person else who cares about Marcus and Dylan’s welfare and isn’t afraid to do the right thing. Once they learn that Jake was lying to them, of course it’s going to hurt, but nothing like being kept in the dark and toyed with. I’m hoping the only one who gets their heart broken is the conniving Jake.”

She could feel Erin weighing the pros and cons and drove in the knife. “Erin, I’m not asking you to do anything illegal or morally wrong. Just keep your eyes and ears open. If something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. A telephone number, even a name would be helpful. Let me make the contact and decide what’s important.”

In the end Erin agreed. She considered and rejected that Kelsey might have an ulterior motive because if Dylan was gay, he’d have no sexual interest in her. What harm could be done by watching Marcus and Dylan’s back? If Jake was telling the truth, they would soon know. If he wasn’t, it was bound to come out too. And if she helped uncover the real story, her brother and Marcus would be grateful to her. She hoped.


The previous Friday had shown Jake and Dylan how much more time they got to share by carpooling to their day camp job. On Monday Jake drove to Dylan’s and picked him up for work. He was definitely happy that they were on the downside of the day camp. Three weeks left to go, and it would be the second week of August and almost time to return to college. Jake was looking forward to it despite the still unresolved questions about his father.

Without the pressure from Coach’s bigoted witch-hunt, the boys went back to their carefree kisses of departure in the parking lot, and if Abel pointedly ignored Jake in front of the rest of the assistants, that was his problem. Jake left with the rest of them for their lunch break and waited by his truck for Dylan to go to the park for lunch. It was Dylan who was tardy this afternoon, but not for any special reason, just talking to a parent of one of his swimming students.

“What time is it?” Dylan asked when he approached.

Jake pulled out his cell phone, wanting to groan and run his hands over the slim, muscled body in his black board shorts and a thrown-on t-shirt. Maybe they could eat faster than usual and catch up on kisses.

“It’s 12:19,” he answered. “Why?”

Dylan smirked. “I was just wondering how much time we had before we had to go back to work. I thought you might be getting tired of sandwiches for lunch, so it’s more of a collection of snacks and easier to eat.”

“Giving us more time for other things,” Dylan finished with a kiss. “I like how you think.”

And so it went the rest of the week until Wednesday afternoon.

At the close of the day, Jake was picking up equipment when Coach Abel sauntered up to him. “May I see you for a moment before you leave?”

Throwing a handful of baseballs he had gathered from the outfield into the storage tub, he thought that surely this bullshit had to be done at some point. Mr. Towers had dealt with the situation, or so he’d told Dylan. Maybe his boyfriend was misinformed.

He said none of this, however, and flashed a tentative smile at the man. “Sure, Coach. Let me make sure the bases are locked in the storage shed first.” A few minutes later he was standing in the room that was getting uncomfortably familiar. Ten minutes after that he was still waiting, strolling around to read the faded, out-of-date notices pinned and taped to the scarred walls. Where was the coach?

Coach Abel bustled in acting as if keeping people waiting was of no concern to him. Jake’s face fell but he kept it hidden and watched warily, awaited his next dressing down. But instead of yelling at him Abel looked embarrassed and defeated.

“I’ve been informed that I was out of line about asking you to curtail the time you spend with your… uh, boyfriend,” he said in a somewhat contrite voice. “I was asked to apologize to you for my remarks.”

Surprised, Jake used a few seconds to take it all in, reflecting on the terminology to realize that the man wasn’t actually saying he was sorry, just that he was parroting the words. He made sure his voice was steady. “No hard feelings, Coach,” he managed, holding out his hand.

Abel looked down at it with an expression of distaste and then back up at Jake before taking it gingerly and giving it a quick shake. Yeah, he could tell just how sorry the man really was, but there was no use making a big deal out of it. Like Dylan had said, camp would end in a matter of weeks, and Coach’s bigotry wouldn’t matter.

Abel sighed and dismissed him, and Jake loped off to the pool room showers, grinding his teeth in chagrin. The unpleasant meeting had used up twenty minutes of his time, and now he would be late getting ready to leave for the evening. Under normal circumstances Jake would’ve been already showered and dressed by the time Dylan entered the staff bathroom, but not today. As he walked through the door he was well aware that Dylan would be right behind him.

Sitting down on the bench, Jake removed his cleats and shortie socks. He flipped the combination on his lock and dumped his footwear inside, making sure the sweaty socks landed in the bag for dirty clothes. He pulled his towel, grooming kit and spare set of clothes out of the locker and headed for one of the curtained stalls. He was just beginning to pull off his camp t-shirt when he heard Dylan enter the bathroom.

Dylan was surprised not to find Jake waiting for him just outside the door of the staff showers. Entering, he listened to the sound of occupation and movement coming from one of the showers near the back of the room. He made his way in that direction and, as he drew closer, recognized Jake’s furry legs and high-arched feet from below the curtain’s twelve inches separating the bottom edge from the wet cement floor.

“Jake?” he called softly from just outside the opaque partition.

All week long Jake had been indulging in bouts of self-talk. Alternately scolding himself for his oversensitive reaction to Dylan jacking him off on Friday to reminders that nerves made early ejaculation the norm for the inexperienced, he had see-sawed back and forth emotionally for five days. One thing, however, was crystal clear. He would not allow his shyness to rule him a second time and give up another chance to be with Dylan. So he overlooked the fact that he was stinky and grimy when he heard Dylan outside his cubicle, and he did what any hot-blooded gay college student would do in his situation. His hand shot out threw the curtain and grabbed him by the elbow, and he hauled him in there with him.

Dylan’s surprised regard at being dragged inside shifted into a big grin, taking in the fact that, for a change, Jake hadn’t bathed yet. “Hey, I was wondering what happened to you. You’re late.”

“I’m sorry but I had to attend another coach meeting. This time he sort of apologized without really saying much.” Jake gave him the rundown, but he was beginning to feel the relief that came with knowing he wasn’t going to face intimidation on a daily basis. By the time he was finished he was grinning happily.

Dylan was staring at his barefoot, dust-streaked boyfriend with his sweaty golden brown curls plastered to his face, thinking he was just about the cutest thing he’d ever seen. Reaching out he cupped his chin.

“So maybe this calls for a congratulatory kiss,” he teased.

“I’m going to get you all dirty.” Jake’s objection sounded weak even to his own ears.

“Then I guess I’ll have to shower and wash your dirty off me,” Dylan answered, tucking his pool-dampened body into Jake’s arms and staring into the jade eyes. He lowered his mouth and swiped a pass over his lips.

Jake relaxed against Dylan. Lifting up on his toes, he drew his mouth to his and opened to meet his tongue. Letting them play together, slick and firm, the stirrings to Jake’s cock caused an instant arousal. Maybe it was the loss of oxygen, but his head was swimming by the bombardment to his senses and he moaned.

Dylan’s heart beat frantically, listening to Jake get into the kiss, and he tangled his fingers up into the messy curls. How he loved this boy! He was likewise feeling the throb in his groin that told him his own penis was struggling for room to lengthen and thicken, and he thrust against Jake with a gasp.

Jake was melting in Dylan’s arms. His dick was like steel in his jock strap, and he needed more. His boyfriend grabbed him by the ass and pulled him closer, and their erections slid next to each other. Even between the layers of fabric, the friction was intense, leaving no doubt they were both hard for each other.

“I want you so much,” Jake whimpered, giving in to his tortuous need to rock his hips into Dylan’s.

Dylan released him with a nibble on his bottom lip. “Hold that thought.”

He raced out of the stall and headed for his locker. Quickly sorting through the contents to seize his own cleansing products and clothes he jogged back to Jake. Once inside, he made sure the curtain separating them from the rest of the bathroom adequately covered the whole opening. Jake looked at his full hands and recognized what it meant.

“Don’t you think that’s a little risky in here,” he posed breathlessly. His eyes widened in slight panic but he couldn’t help but like Dylan’s idea.

“Number one, you’re the one who pulled me in with you,” Dylan reminded him with a gentle smile. “Number two, I’ve showered in this bathroom all summer, and like I told you, nobody ever uses it, Jake. Nobody but you and me.”

“Aren’t you worried that someone might see us?” Jake half-heartedly protested.

Dylan refused to let Jake try to pull back now. “Even if they thought to look for us, what are they going to see? My Honda in the lot and one shower running. It will be alright.”

Jake gave in to Dylan pulling him back in his arms, and he relaxed against the taller boy and let himself be reassured. All he wanted to think about was Dylan’s mouth on his and the rapturous pulses that enveloped his body when they were so close to each other. His erection which had never fully subsided tented his shorts, pressing iron-like into Dylan.

Dylan clasped the hem of Jake’s camp t-shirt and lifted it over his head. Sweat beaded in the coarse hair of his armpits and popped out all over his chest. Dylan dragged his tongue through the slickness across a nipple, and it shrunk into a tight peak, leaving Jake gasping. Sucking on it provided enough of a distraction for Dylan to begin working the fly of his shorts.

Jake’s hand closed swiftly over his boyfriend’s, tugging it away from his waistband in panic. “Are you trying to get us fired?”

Dylan held up for a few seconds of silence to let him settle. “Jake, please trust me, nobody will find out,” he urged quietly in his ear. “I love you and would never let anything hurt you. You know that, right?”

Jake did, and he let go of Dylan’s hand, allowing himself to be pulled in tighter by his belt loops. “What do you want me to do?”

“Nothing, baby,” Dylan whispered persuasively. “We’re going to take a shower together.”

Jake nodded. “Please, let me take off my own clothes, okay?” Looking into Dylan’s tranquil, smiling face, he felt nothing but reassurance. Dylan let go of him and stepped into the shower to turn on the water and adjust the temperature.

I can do this, Jake thought to himself, a blush warming his cheeks as he contemplated shedding his clothes in front of Dylan. I can get naked in front of my boyfriend.

Dylan noticed his distress and lack of confidence and loosened the ties of his own board shorts. “Jake.” He caught the jade eyes in his gaze and thought how adorable his shyness was. “At the same time. Just let go. Don’t think about it.”

One. Jake was counting in his head, telling himself it would be okay. It was just clothing. Two. He undressed with naked guys from his baseball team in the locker room all the time. Why was doing this in front of Dylan so much harder? Three.

He ripped the catch from his khaki twills and yanked down the zipper. His shorts and jock strap were shoved down together, and he kicked them off, the whole time keeping his eyes on Dylan’s face. Then he felt stupid as it hit him that for once he was allowed to look. To ogle and admire. His eyes dropped to his groin, and oh man! He wasn’t practiced in acknowledging what made a body beautiful, but Dylan had a beautiful body. He licked his lips.

Dylan was lankier-looking without clothes, with a strong abdominal structure and the muscular thighs of a swimmer. The summer tan on his torso acquired from teaching and lifeguarding stopped immediately two inches below his navel where it paled many shades lighter, only to resume just above the calves. He was completely shaved, even in the pubic area, probably a requirement for swimming, Jake thought. His hard cock was tapered, uncut and a little shorter than his own, the dark pink, bell-shaped head peeking an inch over the top of its ruddy foreskin and proudly displayed above a high, tight sac of round testes.

Even as he was checking his boyfriend out, Dylan was staring back at Jake’s crotch. “Gorgeous,” he mused with a soft smile on his face. “And all mine.”

Jake blushed and dipped his head to stare at his feet.

“None of that, baby,” Dylan admonished lightly, walking forward to kiss his hot cheek. He had never thought before what he would prefer in a lover, but now that he’d seen Jake, he realized he was his ideal. In all ways, he was perfectly proportioned. He had a compact body of tight muscles and the most beautiful ass. Neatly trimmed, light brown, wiry pubes, a circumcised slightly arched dick with a thin, smooth, dusky pink shaft and an oval head, and medium-sized egg-shaped balls.

Snagging his soap and shampoo, Dylan slowly backed Jake up into the shower, warning him to watch his step on the lip. The single shower head was a cooling blast after the heat of the afternoon, the water warm enough not to chill them but clean and refreshing. It streamed over their young bodies, soothing tension away as it rinsed off dirt and perspiration. Dylan put his arms around Jake’s upper body and held him close in a long, leisurely kiss that turned on the passion between them.

“I am going to make you feel so good,” he said, pushing Jake’s streaming hair out of his face.

Dylan poured a goodly amount of his favorite almond body wash in his hands and they began to roam everywhere on Jake’s back, starting with his wide shoulders and following to the center to identify each bone of his spine. They curled down to his narrow hips and wondrous ass which filled his palms when he gripped the perfect cheeks. So smooth, so strong. He couldn’t help himself; he pulled Jake’s pelvis forward until there was no space between their hips and ground into him. He noted Jake’s sharp intake of breath, but the boy made no move to get away from him. Good.

Jake squirmed in his arms, wanting more, and he found it when his hard cock slid alongside Dylan’s equally rigid member. It had the effect of an electric current charging through him, and he moaned. He’d never understood until now the sensual pleasure of being fully skin to skin with a lover. That was suddenly what Dylan was to him, his lover. Biting his lip, he suddenly clenched Dylan’s shoulders and closed his eyes in rapture. His dick might be situated a few inches below Dylan’s because of the height difference, but they were a perfect fit.

Dylan heard the moan and knew what it signified. His boyfriend was shimmying helplessly in his embrace, so responsive to their cocks slithering together in the water. Quickly he reached between their bodies with his soapy hands and grabbed both hard tools, forming a tight tunnel with his fingers. Up and down he rubbed and squeezed, the almond scent covering them, his thumbs occasionally circling the slits where precum welled and added to the slippery sensations. His own groans joined Jake’s song.

They settled into a fast, desperate rhythm, panting raggedly over the sound of the descending water. Nerve endings woke up as their cocks slid sinuously together between their supple bodies and Dylan’s fingers, drawing them towards the abyss. Dylan’s deep blue eyes locked on Jake’s green ones. Entwined in one another’s arms, thrusting, naked and thrashing, they fumbled for completion as if they were being driven out of their minds by desire.

Despite the water sluicing over him, Jake’s body was on fire. He whimpered as his spongy head surged again and again across the crown of Dylan’s. He was determined not to lose his load early this time, but his orgasm was rushing upon him faster than he could control it.

“Omigod, Omigod,” he chanted. His head dropped back on his shoulders, eyes clamped tight. He thought he might die from sensory overload. “Nnnngg, so good.”

“Jake… baby, I’m so…” Dylan whispered. He didn’t even get a chance to finish his thought. Arching his back, he cried out, the release he sought abruptly seizing him, and his balls began to spew bursts of cum over his hands, Jake’s cock and their stomachs. He couldn’t help falling against Jake as his knees went weak and his vision wavered.

Jake felt Dylan’s cock throbbing beside his and the jets of warm sperm coating them both. It was enough to hurl him into paradise, and he whimpered as he came. Blindly reaching out to grab the wall just in time, he felt Dylan careen into him and threw a protective arm around his torso to steady him. His own legs were rubbery, but he managed to keep them on their feet as the waves of climax rolled over him.

Dylan took two steps backwards and sagged against the shower tiles, pulling the other boy with him. The cooling water beat on them, washing the evidence of their fulfillment down the drain, and Jake collapsed into his arms as his eyesight began to return and his muscles quieted. He could breathe again.

“Jesus, Dylan, that was…” Wonderful, magnificent, the best orgasm he’d ever had? But he emerged confident and unafraid, refusing to let shame take the victory. “Thank you seems kind of lame, but… I love you, Dylan.”

Dylan kissed him with a smile. “I love you back, and you’re welcome. Now we better get cleaned up and out of here.”

They shampooed each other and quickly washed. Half an hour later they left the bathroom, still hearing shouts coming from the pool of children enjoying the lazy afternoon. Just as Dylan had said, nobody seemed to know they were even there, and they rode off into the late afternoon.

(To be continued...)


  1. I'm so glad that Jake is starting to get over his shyness a little. That shower scene was hot. After the last chapter I was hoping that the trouble Kelsey was stirring up was coming to an end; I'm worried to see where this is headed with Erin and the spying. Can't wait for more.

  2. How come it sounds like someone had seen them there??