Thursday, January 10, 2013

Call Out Your Name Ch. 03

The Beauty of Love As It Was Made To Be

Early on Saturday morning I went to the wholesale market and picked up fish for bait and then drove to the marina where I met my uncle and the rest of the crew preparing to take the Tammany Jo and Sorsha Lynn out for a day of fishing. As I dumped the chum in one of the tanks I cheerfully greeted the other eight guys, all in their late twenties, and they responded in kind. Being the nephew of the owner has never given me any special privileges and I have paid my dues. Hard work alongside them has made me an equal, not a better.

I found Carl below in the cabin. It was an exceptionally nice salon considering what he used the boat for and had a big kitchen, known as a galley, and a dining area. There were two bedrooms, which are called berths, and one even had a queen-sized bed. The bathroom, uh… head, had a huge shower. You could comfortably live down there.

Carl smiled at me apologetically and reached into his pocket for his wallet. He drew a check from the worn leather. “Sorry I forgot your raise.”

I shrugged to indicate it wasn’t a big deal. “Um, thanks, Uncle Carl for not telling my dad about Jesse,” I said.

He hitched his eyebrow up and asked, “What was I supposed to keep such a secret?”

I started to turn red and looked down at my feet, wishing he’d just accept the gratitude without making me talk about it. “You know, that he and I…”

“Look, Shane,” he interrupted. “It’s none of my business what you do with your private life, okay? You’re a good kid, and I see you working hard here so I presume you do at school too. That’s what’s important in this world. I disagree with your mom and dad because, frankly, they don’t have the right to tell you who to love. So no, I will never discuss you and Jesse with either of your parents.”

I smiled at him, feeling a little self-consciousness over all the heart-felt encouragement. This was probably the longest string of words I’d heard Carl utter since I moved here. Then he leaned over and gave me a hug, and that turned into a big sense of awkward. Clearing our throats, we sort of pulled away from each other, causing us both to laugh. He ruffled my hair, and I went up on deck to begin my chores.

Over the next couple of weeks Jesse got three more suspicious notes, two in his school locker, one taped to his car. Each one was a little more ominous and little less vague. The last, received on the sixth of April, asked ‘How red is Ur fag blood?’ I was starting to get scared that someone was truly out to hurt Jesse but he passed it off like it wasn’t of any importance and he wasn’t intimidated. As he reminded me every time the subject came up, what the stalker wanted was the satisfaction of upsetting Jesse, and if he didn’t give into the fear the person would eventually stop.

At least he didn’t throw out any of the written threats, storing them in a zip-lock bag in the back of his school locker under a tattered hoody he kept for sudden weather changes. After the eighth one I actually considered swiping them and handing them over to the school principal; we knew each other’s locker combinations and it would have been easy enough. But Jesse had such an easy-going way about him and was good at soothing and convincing me I was over-reacting. I didn’t think we could be accused of being careless but his refusal to heed them was at least simplistic. We just wanted it to all go away.

And then there was the ongoing discussion of showing affection at school. Jesse was proud to be my lover and wanted to show me off. I wanted that too but I was still afraid. I had at last come to the conclusion that how the other students felt about me wasn’t what was significant. No, my concern was that Jesse’s name would be linked to mine in a conversation in front of a parent, and that adult would know my father and it would get back to him that I had a boyfriend. As Dad joked about at least once a week, he couldn’t stand my mother but at least she had some common sense when it came to the matter of what hole my dick should be playing in.

I tried to explain it to Jesse, and he was more patient than I deserved. Actually, my vacillation made me feel like a wimp who needed his protection. It wasn’t as if I’d lost all my self-confidence in the past three months, but I definitely was not the same happy-go-lucky guy I’d been in Rancho Martinez. I guess I could be getting more mature, but mostly I think I was scared of graduating high school and becoming an adult. Jesse was the only person I could talk about my fears to, and I wondered what he saw in me. He would grin and say it was my long blonde hair. Or that my eyes were such a unique shade of turquoise they complimented his hair, so we had to be a couple. It would pull me out of my funk, and I’d be alright for a couple of days.

By early April it came down to the wire where I couldn’t put off making a decision on which university I would attend the following year, and Jesse and I disagreed on this subject too. I told him of my plans to attend Hope Ranch Community College with him in the fall, and he said I was throwing my life away by refusing my football scholarship and staying put in Calberia.

He had followed me home after school to find Dad’s car mysteriously in the driveway, meaning we couldn’t go in, so he left his Jeep in an inconspicuous spot up the street. Now my Impala was parked behind the baseball bleachers of a nearby playground. Taking advantage of the privacy that would evaporate once the younger grades finished their classes for the day, we were making out on the wide back bench-seat. He was at first shocked by my choice.

“How can you just blow off tens of thousands of dollars like that?” he demanded in a strangled hush. “Do you know what I’d give if some school offered me that kind of money for college?”

“It isn’t blown if it means we can stay together,” I explained, planting a kiss on his neck right below the fringe of his black hair. His pink lips were all swollen and kiss-bruised. “If I was going to college far away I wouldn’t be able to concentrate anyway from missing you so much.”

“Shane, I… I don’t know what to say. Part of me is happy you love me that much, but I wish I didn’t feel that you’re making a big mistake. Playing football in college meant so much to you.”

“But that’s the beauty of it,” I urged, almost bouncing excitedly on the seat. “I’m not giving up playing football. I can join the Hope Ranch team. The major schools scout community colleges too, and in a couple of years I’ll transfer into a university as a junior. By then you’ll be graduated with an AA. I will take you with me, and you can work or act or whatever you want to do. We’ll be together, Jesse.”

He shook his head, still unconvinced. “What if your dad won’t let you stay with him for another two years? I thought you hated living there. Wasn’t the whole idea for you to get into an out-of-state college?”

“Not without you, Baby,” I pouted, wondering why he had to be so negative. It sounded like he didn’t want me around which hurt my feelings and made me feel stupid for the plans I was making for the two of us. “For now, let’s not worry about what my dad might do.”

Like always, Jesse picked up on my mood. He gave the back of my neck a gentle squeeze. “Okay,” he relented. “I guess there are options available if he kicks you out. You could rent one of the rooms that are available to college students, or you might even be able to live with your uncle or on one of his boats in the harbor… anything. I don’t want to fight about it.”

I hated fighting with him too, and thankfully, we didn’t do it very often. We trusted each other and stayed in contact throughout the day with little texts of support, especially if one of us had a test or an important assignment or just seemed a bit more stressed than usual. Jesse was getting the best grades of his life because I was helping him study, and he gave me the love that had been lacking to help me focus too. He didn’t allow his pals to rag on me for being a jock instead of a drama geek, and I made it plain to Mark Butler that he better keep his thoughts about Jesse to himself when I was around.

In fact, the two of us got along very well because of, or maybe in spite of, all our little idiosyncrasies. Mine was the baggage of deep emotional privation that until that night in my car, I hadn’t realized was such a big issue. It was funny in a sarcastic way, but I guess my parents really did a number on me all these years letting me think I had to earn their love and approval. Jesse would not let me feel ashamed for breaking down in front of him in mid-March. He swamped my neediness with praise and vows of love and by paying attention to me, and he deliberately made me feel like there were no limits to what I could accomplish with him by my side.

You know how guys are. We talk about sex a lot, especially when you have someone as hot and adorable as Jesse for a lover. Maybe it was because we were content to ease into new things without either of us pressuring the other that we were so comfortable together. We hadn’t progressed past handjobs and going down on each other because we decided to take the sex slow, but what we shared felt so right. He knew about Owen and the other guys I’d been with, understood that I’d done anal sex before, and I told him I enjoyed it. Jesse asked a lot of questions, leading me to find out that he was a virgin in that respect. He’d never been with anyone he trusted enough, and I wanted very much to have the honor. But I didn’t push him.

I discovered he was just a bit on the OCD side. Even if he didn’t regarding the stalker notes as conscientiously as I thought he should have, he was overly vigilant about safety otherwise, especially over locked doors and making sure appliances were shut off. Leaving the house with him could be an exercise in frustration as he had to be constantly assured the blow dryer was unplugged and his mother had turned off the stove hours ago. He didn’t do the counting thing or having to touch every surface when he walked by, and he wasn’t overly obsessive about germs, but I learned it was vital to bolster his memory so he could see himself taking proper precautions.

Jesse might not be an intellectual whiz, but he made up for it in common sense. He was such a pure soul who gave me strength and courage, and he was probably the least selfish person I knew. Every day I felt like I was falling more in love with him. Every night I wished for the freedom to have him sleep by my side. But we were kids with parents who didn’t know we were in love with each other, and their rules could be bent but not broken. I was just very lucky that my dad was so busy during tax season and gave me so little supervision.

In some ways the middle of April sneaked up on us along with our two-month anniversary. The fourteenth was on a Saturday and I couldn’t get time off from my job. I had secretly come up with a great idea for celebrating that would have to wait for the following Monday. Fortune smiled again because Calberia High gave us a two-week Easter vacation, meaning I could spend the whole day with him. Besides, I needed a special prop, in Jesse’s admirable terms, which I’d only have access to on Mondays. My rampant excitement clued him in that this was going to be really over-the-top so he didn’t complain.

That’s not to say we didn’t celebrate the exact date at all. On Saturday, Carl excused me with a “get out of here” and a smirk as soon as the Bayliner hit the pier, and I raced home to shower before Jesse picked me up. He paid for dinner at a Mexican restaurant called Cielito that served excellent tapas which I had never had. Eating tapas is kind of like sharing little snack-sized portions of a lot of different foods so it was definitely fun and different. What made it even better was feeding each other, and I watched his eyes darken as I sucked his fingers clean. Afterwards we went to see Cabin in the Woods, and Jesse hid his face in my shoulder almost the whole film because he doesn’t like scary movies but saw it for my sake. Dropping me off at midnight and noticing that my father wasn’t home—he had to be staying over at his girlfriend’s— we exchanged blowjobs.

Ah, but Monday. Jesse had been getting a little wound up as the date closed in, and I had this sneaky suspicion it had to do with giving up his virginity. Keeping my fingers crossed, I refused to even broach the subject of sex so I wouldn’t jinx it, but it was on both of our minds. I had this whole seduction planned but I would let him guide me. I wouldn’t tell him where we were going either; just that he needed to dress warm, and thankfully it was a pretty day with temperatures in the high 70s and barely a breeze.

As I parked in front of his house, he texted that he wasn’t quite ready to leave, suggesting I introduce myself to his mother who had been asking about the boy Jesse was spending so much time with. I was nervous when I rang the doorbell and a thin, short woman with lustrous black hair answered the door. She had Shane’s wide forehead and olive complexion and she was wearing narrow black pants with a droopy sweater over top that made her look younger than her years. She had this parental air about her and I knew this was Ms Capps.

“Hi, I’m Shane, a friend of Jesse’s.” I told her we had plans for the day and I was picking him up.

Saying he’d be good to go in a few minutes, she was both friendly and curious. “Jesse told me he has no idea where you all are heading out for today.”

My smile froze. I couldn’t think of any way to keep this a secret without making her suspicious. The last thing I wanted was for her to withdraw permission or find out this was a date. “We’re going down to the harbor,” I told her. “I work weekends for my uncle, Carl Weatherby, and want to show him around.”

Sandra Capps’ mouth turned up into a big smile that was so much like Jesse’s. “I know Carl. He went out with my older sister before he married Elaine… oh, that was so long ago.” Her look turned puzzled like she might have recognized me and was trying to put a face to a name. “Aren’t you Lisa and Ken Elliott’s son?”

It felt like old home week even though I naturally had no memory of her at all. “That’s me,” I replied politely. “Only she’s Lisa Lawson now.”

She blushed a little, and I could tell she was remembering the fifteen-year-old gossip about my parents and why their marriage fell apart. Luckily I was saved by the bounding appearance of Jesse who as usual looked scrumptious, and I turned my attention to him. It was all I could do not to lean into him and give him a kiss.

“I’m ready,” he chirped, trying very hard to look casual and failing.

“Are you sure?” I teased. “You didn’t leave the water running, and you put the cap back on your hair gel?”

Jesse’s mother gaped at me, surprised, I’m sure, by how intimately we spoke of his OCD tendencies. I had been the one to mention them to him first. He had been embarrassed and blushed through an explanation of how he didn’t talk about them in public. I’d pointed out that I loved him anyway, and perfection was way over-rated. Revealing how I knew of his difficulty and joking about it in front of her just proved what close friends we were, but I was sure it didn’t cross any lines.

Jesse laughed. “I triple-checked, Shane, and stop being such an a…” He blushed, having almost cursed in front of Sandra and covered it up by quickly hugging her.

“Bye, Mom.” I hustled him out the door before she disclosed my secret plan for the day to him or his verbal gaffes led him into more hot water.

The bulky backpack that he toted on his shoulder seemed to be heavy. When I started to ask him what was in it he slyly put his finger to his lips and shook his head for silence.

“Running water and hair gel caps?” he goaded me skeptically once we got on the road, but he was smiling. He poked me in the ribs, and I almost swerved into another lane. “You’re an ass, Shane Elliott.

I laughed. “I couldn’t help it. I had to distract myself from kissing you.”

“Oh, then I’m glad you said it,” he answered with a mock shudder. “She was stunned as it is.”

“Your mom is nice,” I mentioned lightly. “She remembers my parents.”

He gave me a dazzling grin and leaned back against the seat rest. “I thought she would.”

Bewildered, I couldn’t understand his hesitation in telling her he was gay because she didn’t seem the type who could get angry. But as he’d already said, it wasn’t her he was afraid of upsetting, it was his grandfather.

“I told my cousin about you,” he finally admitted. “Chad wanted to know why I don’t hang out with him as much as I used to, and I said I have a boyfriend. He wants to meet you.”

“Oh?” I was instantly wary.

“It’s no big deal. He’ll threaten to kick your ass if you fuck up and hurt me.”

“Somehow that doesn’t reassure me.”

But Jesse was grinning from ear to ear. “Nah, I told him you’re cool. He’s trying to be friendly.” He lifted his heavy backpack and giggled. “I gave him money and he bought us a twelve-pack of Blue Moons.”


Jesse and I drank beer occasionally when we could get our hands on it, meaning when I felt brave enough to sneak it out of the fridge at home. We also got high every now and then, but neither of us let it be a problem. I mean, all the teenagers we knew did the same.

“I know we’re going to have fun today, whatever it is,” he hinted with a side look, but I wouldn’t let him trick me into revealing my plans.

Like I told Jesse’s mother, our destination was the marina and Carl’s boats. I had proven to my uncle over the past three months that I could navigate his trawlers, and he let me steer the Sorsha Lynn out of the harbor and up the coast all by myself one Sunday. Of all things, some rich guy from Santa Barbara hired him to take it out for his daughter’s Sweet-16 party. It was exhilarating to be given this opportunity and see Carl’s trust in me. He simply stood by ready to take the wheel in case of an emergency, and I had impressed him.

I had also made an impact on the girls who liked my California surfer look and insisted on giving me their cell phone numbers. I just smiled, steered and flirted, then threw the scraps of paper away when I mopped up later. Damn, why hit on girls when Jesse was all I wanted?

“What are we doing?” he asked, his head on a swivel as we made our way down the gangway to the floating pontoons where the ship was secured and he took in the different vessels around the seaport.

“We’re heading out,” I said, pointing to the harbor entrance. “Monday is the one day Uncle Carl takes off from his charters, and he said I could use the Sorsha Lynn, providing that I paid for the fuel and we’re back by nine tonight. Oh, and that I’m sober when I’m behind the wheel. She’s easy to run in clear weather, and I thought you would enjoy the privacy. I even stocked her with food for the day.”

Jesse’s eyes went wide with surprise. He practically jumped up and down in anticipation before giving me a big hug and thanking me over and over for making the day so much fun. I could tell he’d never been out on the ocean before, and I wanted to pat myself on the back for such a brilliant idea.

I had a half-hour of preparation to get the Bayliner ready to go and Jesse helped me. It made sense to do the bare minimum, seeing as how it was just him and me, so all we did was pull the shrouds and secure the deck cushions and other items Carl stored belowdecks when the boats weren’t in use. I checked the instruments while Jesse put our food away in the galley and refrigerated the beer, and soon we were ready to leave.

I took the upper helm and had Jesse sit next to me on the port side. Wind in our hair, and Jesse’s cheeks flushed charmingly, we nudged out of the slip and slowly made our way to the entrance of the harbor. Once free, I headed to a place I knew about eight nautical miles out.

“It will take us an hour and a half to get there,” I told Jesse. “But after the sun starts to set it gets really pretty. You can see all up and down the coast when it’s clear including the lights in the hills above Santa Barbara.”

There was a light breeze, and I was glad that we wore jeans and hoodies. The trip was uneventful, and Jesse sat on my lap part of the time as I piloted the craft to the exact spot I wanted to show him. It was like we had entered a magical place when we dropped anchor. Seagulls flew above us, and there would be an occasional ripple in the water from some sea animal swimming close to the surface, but except for a light chop against the hull, it was dead quiet.

We ate a simple lunch of ham sandwiches I’d made earlier and each of us had a bottle of Blue Moon. Jesse was eying me funny as he popped the last bite of crust into his mouth and washed it down with beer.

“So what do we do for the rest of the afternoon?”

I considered. “We could fish except we don’t have any bait.”

He scrunched up his nose and shook his head. “No thanks. How about drink beer and get some sun?”

“Where?” There was a foredeck that Uncle Carl allowed people to use for tanning, but it wasn’t level and I didn’t like the way it threw me off-balance. “Besides, I don’t have anything to wear.”

Jesse got a wicked gleam in his eye. I always went commando and he knew it. “We can use the long benches up on the bridge,” he replied, “and as long as nobody gets close enough to notice, why do we need clothes?” He raised his eyebrow in lewd expectation. “I brought sunscreen so your… uh, privates won’t get burned.”

I laughed ruefully at the idea of a painful burn on my cock and balls but lying in the sun sounded like a plan to me. I grabbed another beer for each of us out of the galley fridge, and we stripped off our clothes. Jesse covered our benches with beach towels so they would be more comfortable than lying on sticky vinyl.

Finally, out of chores to waste our time on, we stared at each other across the seven feet of bridge, my pale body in contrast to his olive-toned one. Our dicks were mostly soft but beginning to twitch in eagerness as Jesse and I realized the prospects. And then we were in each other’s arms, kissing and tasting and touching.

“I don’t want to get too far ahead of ourselves,” I panted a fifteen minutes later as Jesse knelt between my spread legs, his mouth around my now-rigid cock. “I have this romantic scene I planned out in my head for tonight, so let’s not go overboard, okay?”

Jesse giggled, making me groan from the vibrations between his mouth and my groin. He lifted his head, and I let out another cry from the interruption in his sucking technique. “Overboard? Really, Blondie, considering where we are, your pun sucks. Besides, since when do you have to limit yourself?”

“Saying it ‘sucks’ isn’t much better,” I grinned as he got back to the business at hand. I loved the feel of his mouth on me, the way his lips made a complete seal around my staff. His tongue flicked me in all my most sensitive spots, like he could read my mind and knew instinctively what I liked. I felt my abdominal muscles tensing and tingles shooting up my spine.

Seconds later my body was thrashing about and I was spurting into his mouth and loudly screaming. “Fuck, Jesse, just like that… yes, oh fuck.”

Jesse carefully lifted himself up on the bench and lay on top of me because there was no room for us side by side. He switched into an Australian accent to tease me. “Ah, looky ‘ere mates, we ‘ave ourselves a live one, a real screamer. Be careful, ‘e might bite.”

“Bite, huh?” I blushed, loving the sight of him lucking my cum off his lips. “Do you really think this is a good time to be talking about my teeth?”

“Ah, see ‘ere? When you embarrass ‘im, ‘is face turns a bee-yoo-tiful shade of red.”

“Let’s see how loudly I can make you scream,” I taunted, flipping him effortlessly so that I was on top. “And I’ll be sure to watch the teeth, Baby.”

I swiveled my hips grinding my already-refilling penis into his erect one, the two organs nestling together in the lubrication that was leaking from his slit. He let out a whimper.

Kissing and licking, I scooted down his lithe body until I faced his groin. Sliding my tongue through the precum that had pooled while I was busy preparing him, I slipped my lips over the head of his erection and started to gently suck on it. How amazing it felt, his slender tool filling my mouth, and I enjoyed the taste of him and the silky texture against my tongue. Jesse was already moaning and thrusting when I began to bob over him, stretching my mouth wide and swallowing him down. My right hand stroked his shaft and the left pulled at his sac, and it was only five minutes later that he let himself go.

“Feels… good. Oh my god… so good,” he wailed in ecstasy as he unloaded in my mouth.

“And no teeth,” I whispered with a kiss when I dragged myself up his frame a few minutes later to stare into his blissed-out face.

“I love you, Blondie,” he smiled.

“Love you back, Baby.”


We never got around to lying out in the sun. We went below, deciding it would be more fun to cuddle naked for once without worrying about getting caught. Except for the night I accidentally dozed off in his room, this was our first opportunity to sleep together. To save the quilt, I’d brought a top sheet from home which I spread over the queen bed in the largest berth, and Jesse and I nodded off. Holding him in my arms as our eyes closed brought me so much joy and made me feel protective and needed.

We awoke two hours later in time for an early dinner, and we dressed to ward off the incoming chill. I heated up a meat and vegetable stew called Beef Bourguignon I’d made the night before from an online French recipe that was far simpler than I originally imagined. It made a full meal and was easy to clean up too since I only had to use the microwave. Jesse kept praising my cooking, and all I could think of was how living with him once we got on with the rest of our lives would be so fulfilling. We were perfect for each other.

While Jesse collected our discarded gear from the deck I went back to the stateroom to set up our night. I have never had much of a romantic side, but I wanted to make it special for him. I had purchased a box of white votives that I placed around the room on the flat surfaces. My iPod was filled with the songs we loved, half of them by The Offspring, our favorite band, as well as other Indie tunes we enjoyed. I had hidden a single red rose in the shower and now laid it across the sheet on the bed which hid some essentials just in case we needed them. Lastly I lit the candles and, with the blinds closed against the late afternoon sun, they gave the berth a soft glow.

“Close your eyes,” I told Jesse just before I led him through the door. The strains of Mumford & Sons Sigh No More was blaring from the iPod.

Love it will not betray you, dismay or enslave you, it will set you free, be more like the man you were made to be. There is a design, an alignment, a cry of my heart to see, the beauty of love as it was made to be.

We stood in the doorway and I had Jesse open his eyes. The room looked magical, all soft flickering light and the scent of the rose filling the air with nostalgic charm. Jesse’s mouth opened in a perfect O as he gazed around and his breath caught.

“You did this for me?”

“Yeah, Baby, because I wanted you to know exactly how important you are to me.”

The candles were beginning to drip a little when I finally drew Jesse into the berth and stood in front of him and gave him the rose. He turned around and hugged me to him. God, he felt fantastic. His luminous eyes seemed to take up his whole face and he was radiant.

“You’re important to me too, Shane.”

I grabbed one of his hands and intertwined my fingers in his, nuzzling him softly on his neck. “Nobody has ever mattered more to me than you do. Two months together is a huge record for me because you are the first person, male or female, I even thought about committing to. This is my way of telling you that I want us to be forever. If you’ll have me.”

“Of course I’ll have you. Do you even need to ask?”

Tears came to Jesse’s eyes, and then he grinned, seemingly embarrassed to be caught crying. It made us both giggle, and he clasped the rose between his teeth and batted his lashes, making us laugh even harder. I kissed him on the cheek to show him that he didn’t need to feel uncomfortable. From my iPod, the song changed to Run by Snow Patrol.

Light up, light up, as if you have a choice, even if you cannot hear my voice I'll be right beside you, dear.

I didn’t know what was going to happen next. Okay, I knew what I wanted to happen next, but that was totally up to Jesse. It wasn’t for me to force him in any way.

Moving away a few paces he cautiously set the rose down on the dresser giving me a happy smile over his shoulder that told me everything I needed to know about his appreciation for our date. When he stepped back and touched my jaw, he lifted a lock of my hair to trail between his fingers, and his face was calm and resolute. The message passed between us; he was ready and willing to give himself completely to me.

I leaned forward and kissed Jesse passionately, swiping my tongue into my boy’s mouth and nibbling on his bottom lip. He wound his hands deeper into my thick hair and tried to melt into my body. Moments became seconds, and seconds turned into minutes as we alternately kissed and breathed, returning for more of the sweetness of each other’s lips.

Jesse’s erection was as instantaneous as mine, but that’s what I’d come to expect from being with him. The making out and little sex games, the hands fluttering over our hot, sweaty skin to arouse us, and we were always hard, our heartbeats pounding in our rigid flesh.

Jesse reached down and unzipped my pants, wriggling his hand down inside until he touched my hard cock. I knew he was beginning to want it inside him so badly. Pumping it with his hand, he looked up at me and didn’t flinch.

“Tonight okay?” he begged. “Please? I’m nervous but I’m sure I’m ready.”

I couldn’t resist Jesse, and I felt so proud. My heart swelled listening to him plead to make love. His face was shining in joy and his latte eyes so sparkly and warm, and I knew how much he needed me to be his first. In this special evening I had planned just for him I was going to make him wholly mine, and I hoped I didn’t appear too eager.

“I’ll be gentle,” I promised. “I won’t hurt you.”

He stared at me directly. “I know. I trust you.”

With another deep kiss he began to strip off his clothes with abandon, almost tripping in the process. I had to grab his hands to still him. “Slow down or you’re going to kill yourself,” I laughed. Nevertheless, he danced on his toes in excitement, and I pulled him into me in a quick hug to calm and center him. Yanking my shirt over my head, I returned his deep gaze, locking on their raven-fringed beauty.

I couldn’t help but touch his flushed skin. His chest was bare, his nipples reacting to the chill in the air to pebble up into tiny raisin-like buds. Bending into his softly scented throat, I inhaled his Cool Water fragrance and chewed gently where his neck met his shoulder. Sucking at him, I raised the tiniest of love bites to mark him as mine.

Jesse couldn’t control his anticipation. Fumbling with my belt, he quickly unbuttoned the fly of my jeans, practically ripping out the stitching of the zipper. His pupils were blown with lust and he was shaking.

“I’m not going to disappear,” I reminded him, and his cheeks turned pink, finding it difficult to hide his enthusiasm. I was just as needy as him, anticipating tonight and the gift we were going to present to each other. All I could think was that this was my Jesse, my lover, the only one I wanted to be with like this.

We finally got our clothing removed and stood naked two feet apart and facing. Our hot, heavy dicks jutted tall and proud against our abdomens, and we were both panting in need. Like we could read each other’s thoughts, I took him by the hand and drew him closer to me. We moved as one in a hungry kiss that was all open mouths and swirling tongues and hands that grabbed at warm skin. Our cocks collided, sticky with precum that oozed out of the slits and covered us in slippery gliding pleasure.

“Oh, oh, it feels too good,” Jesse moaned in what seemed only seconds later, still grinding into me helplessly and holding on tightly to my neck, his eyes rolling back. “I don’t want to cum this way. Please Shane.”

I swiftly tilted backwards so that we lost contact, leaving me feeling lost and empty. I backed Jesse into the bed and followed him down to lie next to him. Picking up a small packet of lube I’d tucked under the sheet, I said, “Let me slick you up and get you open. There will be less discomfort if I prepare you first.”

More locking lips and writhing tongues, more hands pulling at nipples and sliding over smooth muscles. I coaxed Jesse up on his hands and knees on the mattress and then pushed his upper body to a pillow on the bed, leaving his cheeks open and his rosebud exposed. His hard cock dripped precum on the sheet.

I covered my fingers with the lube and gently touched between the globes of Jesse’s ass. My middle finger circled around the puckered pinkness, grazing it gently and watching it quiver. Jesse wanted to push backwards against the digit and groaned when I touched him again before I slid it slowly inside. Jesse’s breath caught at the quick burn followed by discomfort at something foreign filling him, but after awhile I could tell he was getting used to it by the tiny smile curving his lips. My finger began to saw in and out of him and rotate around, and I could feel him loosening up. Very soon, another finger entered him in preparation, followed by the third.

By this time, Jesse was sighing and wantonly pushing back into my hand, his head twisting from side to side. “Please, enough. Please Shane, I know this makes me sound slutty, but I’m going to lose my mind if you don’t stick your dick up there.”

Laughing, I said, “No, Jesse, you aren’t slutty, you’re delectable.” I thought a moment. “Let’s try something.”

I arranged pillows and stretched out on my back against the headboard so that I was partly reclining. I grabbed a condom off the side table which I rolled down my erection and slicked up with a good-sized squirt of more lube. Then I had Jesse on his knees straddling my lap.

“Lower yourself on me. You can decide how fast or slow to move. Go real slow at first.”

I held my cock upright, and Jesse pressed back. I could feel his bud against my tip, seeking entry. Using my shoulder to balance, he sank down a little. The head popped through the muscular rings to open his channel, bringing a sharp pain with it that was reflected on his face. Jesse immediately went still, taking his weight in his shaking thighs, and I helped hold him up with my hands under the fleshy globes until the pain went away.

“You’re so gorgeous,” I grunted. I stared into Jesse’s beautiful eyes and kissed him softly, stroking his flagging tool lying against his belly to distract him. I wanted to buck upwards and impale my lover on my cock. Never had I felt such exquisite torture as being inside him and having to hold absolutely still.

“It doesn’t burn so much now.” Jesse’s voice was full of wonder after a few minutes. “I just feel nicely filled up.” He rotated his hips to a slight change of angle.

“Take your time,” I rasped out, gritting my teeth at the sensation. My cock was swathed in the most delectable heat and softness of Jesse’s chute, and my need to thrust was rising with every second.

I felt more of my cock sliding inside him, and knowing there was only a little pinch made me smile at his awe. Lower still into a steady glide downwards until my rigid penis was buried completely inside him.

“Oh, my god, Shane,” Jesse marveled, a huge grin splitting his beautiful face. “I never imagined this could be so wonderful.”

I cupped his cheek in my hand and stared at him tenderly. “I’m so glad, Jesse.” I kissed his nose, feeling deeply loved. “As long as you’re comfortable. Are you ready to move yet?”

Jesse bit his lip with a fierce nod and began to raise and lower himself on me. I gasped at the way his channel gripped me and pulled at my dick, like lighting me up from the inside as he bobbed. Soon he had a perfect rhythm going and he wrapped his arms around my shoulders to join in a sensual kiss. His new erection was trapped between our slick bodies.

In and out of Jesse I pressed, and I never wanted it to end. I knew when my plunges started to connect with his prostate because his mouth went slack and his eyelashes fluttered. He was squeezing my shoulders harder and his hole contracted around my thick organ to send bolts of pleasure through my body. Connected by lip and groin, we groaned in concert as Jesse undulated over me.

“Shane,” he moaned in my ear. “Oh so good, Shane.”

“Yes,” I hissed back. Deftly I gathered him close to me and rolled him on his back so I could take control of my thrusting. My cock never left Jesse’s ass, and I rapidly began to drive into him in short, hard jabs that rubbed on his hot spot at every pass. I could feel the dance beginning under my skin. The rhythmic pounding of nerve endings and jumping muscles. Neither of us had much longer to go.

“I love making love to you,” I groaned, taking his cock in my hand to stroke him. “You feel so good inside.”

But it was more than that. In that moment I felt my heart breaking open in something so glorious it would have struck me blind if I was in a position to see through my sweat. It was creating the most intense feelings of purpose and beautiful belonging in me. I loved Jesse with all my heart, not only for what he could do to my body but what he did to my soul. I needed him like I needed the elements to survive.

“I’m… oh god,” Jesse cried out, and I heard it in his voice, I could feel him shifting in preparation. He was breathing in long gasps, his lungs strained for air. In one swift heartbeat his body was swept by magnificent pleasure as his cock began to pump out cum that covered our abdomens in ropes of shimmery white. He couldn’t seem to stop, and he lost himself in the throes of euphoria.

“Oh my god, holy fuck,” I groaned, watching the lust sear across Jesse’s eyes as he began to convulse and dragged me under. His hole seized around my shaft and I screamed, taken over by the strongest orgasm in my life. My hips pistoned fiercely, freely into him, and I was only aware of the hard tug on my balls and filling the condom in his tight tunnel with sperm. I crashed through barrier after barrier of rapture, crying out my completion and love into a soft, welcoming mouth when Jesse kissed me hard.

“I love you, I love you,” he was chanting as he clutched to me tightly. The mist was leaving my head, and my heart soared at the sincerity in his voice. I felt my softened cock fall out of Jesse’s ass with a plop. Carefully I raised myself up on my elbows so he wouldn’t put too much of my weight on the slimmer man. His face was a study in satisfaction and exhaustion, and I dropped my forehead to his in joy.

“I love you too, Jesse, only you,” I promised in gratitude, sweeping my tongue through the drops of sweat bathing his face. “You are all I will ever want.”

I think we fell asleep for a few minutes, because we awoke sticky with sweat and cum and the light a good deal dimmer in the cabin. Jesse grabbed up his t-shirt, the brown one he loved with the winged skeletons in red from The Offspring’s Broken Wings tour in 2009, and used it to wipe off our torsos. Removing the condom I tied it off and disposed of it. Then we cuddled for a few minutes longer before getting up and redressing. I had an extra shirt with me so I gave it to him to wear.

It took a few minutes to blow out the candles and get the berth looking like we’d never used it, although I’m sure Carl knew of the rendezvous I’d planned. But if I left no sign we’d been here, he would be more likely to let me take the boat out again. So it was dusk by the time we found ourselves on deck, the sun setting behind us in a ball of orange as the lights on shore began to twinkle on.

“You’re right, Shane,” Jesse said, his head lying on my shoulder. “This is nice, a perfect view.”

I gazed over at him. “My view is better.” He understood what I meant and blushed.

“Tonight was really special for me.” He took my hand. “I’m glad it was you I was with… that I waited. Thanks, you know?”

My voice got husky as I fought back tears, so overwhelmed by his sincerity. “You’re welcome. It was special because of what you mean to me. And me to you. Because we’re going to be together always.”

He kissed me and switched back into his earlier Down Under accent. “You got that right, mate.”


(To be continued...)


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    But anyway, I know something difficult is coming and I hope the boys' love can survive it.

    Katie []

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    It's gonna be sad when you destroy it with a fury so powerful that even Zeus himself will be freaked out.

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    Thanks for thinking of me re Les Mis; yes, Eddie shall always be Will. I miss both Will and Amadis, but they are currently being re-edited to be released into the big, bad world!
    Love your stories, and yippee, Chapter 4 is up with Shane and Jesse!
    Robyn (LaVieErotique)

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