Saturday, December 22, 2012

Writing Inspirations

These two men are the inspirations for Dax and Michael of Dreaming of Dax. The one on the left with the flowing blonde hair (Dax) is Val Zilske, a 19 year old model from Brazil. On the right is Belgian model Loammi Goetghebeur, age 21, who just happens to already be on my blog.

Third through fifth photographs down on the left (under the 'Labels' section) also feature Loammi with his partner, Mitch Baker. The first is from a jewelry ad, the second part of an interview they did as a gay couple in the modeling industry and the third is from a photo shoot titled Getting Steamy. Loammi's butt is featured in the fourth image.

I know that Dax doesn't have facial hair like Val, and the hair and eye colors for the Michael character are wrong, but you get the general idea.

The crazy thing is that I originally found the picture of Loammi and Mitch on a website that pulls up Tumblr pages from all over, and I liked the intense looks the two were giving each other. I could tell it was an ad but there was something about it that screamed these two weren't just acting. For the first six or so months their picture was on my blog I didn't even know their names. Then I started looking for ideas for my story characters, and pictures of these two popped up. Incidentally, what gave them away was the way that Mitch cradles Loammi's head from the back- he does it a LOT. Very sexy!


  1. Hot! It's weird how we picture how characters look, and then when the author posts pics of what they picture their characters like... for me they are either really close looking or I am completely off. But in this case I was pretty close except I pictured Dax's hair a little lighter. Two beautiful men you chose girl!

    Loved the new version of Dax by the way. I just didn't comment on the chapters because it was too hard not to mention what happened inn later chapters. But it was wonderful. You did a superb job.

    Katie []

    1. Thank you, Katie. I would have liked his hair lighter too but I was trying to go for an innocent look. It's hard to find men with long hair who don't look like women. Not that I have a problem with androgynous models- a lot of them are very hot. But I didn't want one for Dax.